Saturday, March 2nd

8:00am -4:00pm

5 mile Air-Dyne Bike
followed by a
1.5 mile walk
or a
2.5 mile run

around the Rec Center indoor track

Event is open to the public.

The Biathlon is held on the indoor track at the Rockwell Recreation Center (400 Collins Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA)

EARLY ENTRY: received by Feb. 25
T-shirt option -- $15.00
(T-shirts are 100% cotton, short sleeve, with the traditional 5-color Cartoon design)
No T-shirt option -- $8.00

LATE ENTRY: After Monday, Feb. 25, through race day -- Saturday, March 2
T-shirt option -- $18.00
No T-shirt option -- $10.00

ENTRY FORM & FEE will be accepted throughout Race Day. T-shirts will be given out on the day of the event on a first-come-first-serve basis according to your entry date. Later entrants can pick-up their t-shirts after the event.

CHOICE OF HEAT TIMES will also be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

A maximum of 8 slots will be available in each heat.
You will indicate your preferred heat times on the form (3 priority choices)
*REMEMBER! Enter early if you must have a certain starting time.

HEAT SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED at the Rockwell Recreation Center on Wednesday, Feb. 27 by noon. You can also call us to find out your heat time at 295-2552.
*Please be aware of your scheduled time and arrive early to check in and warm up.

HEATS BEGIN ON THE HALF HOUR from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Saturday. You must be present and ready to go at your scheduled time!
If you are tardy or absent you will be bumped to a later heat (next open time slot).

SCHEDULING DIFFICULTIES: If you have an unavoidable conflict with Saturday's event-- and you really want to participate in this event-- then please contact Brenda at 295-2552. (Rec Center Members only)

T-Shirts: Our famous Biathlon cartoon T's go to all finishers. (a "no t-shirt" option is also available)


Sweatshirts printed with the colorful Biathlon cartoon theme will be awarded to the overall winners of each race category as follows:
Overall Individual Walk and Run for male and female
Overall Team Walk and Overall Team Run
Prizes will be awarded in each age division, 1st through 3rd
Need a partner? Our Fitness Instructors will help you find a biker, runner, or walker for a Team! Simply send an e-mail

*Pick up a registration form at the front desk in the Rec Center or send in a Registration Form

Registration is limited to 250 participants so sign up today.