The following are explanations of the Rec Center's Fitness Classes:

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Aerobic Express / Athletic Edge

Cardio Cross Training / Come Out Swingin'

Fitness Mania / Fitness Yoga

Freestyle Aerobics Hi-Lo

IronworkS / Jump Jam / KO Cardio

LIFE Class / Nite L.I.F.E / Psychling

Step and Step Express / Stretch and Relax / 1st Step

Tae Kwon Do / Tai Chi / Training Zones

A class that concentrates on cardiovascular work. It includes a warm-up, aerobics and a cool down. You can squeeze this class into your schedule in the morning before work or during the noon hour._


Interval/Circuit Training to increase speed, power, strength &endurance. This class strives to give you that extra edge in performance-- no matter what your sport may be. No excuses this class will get you in shape.

An upbeat cross training workout! This class alternates aerobic intervals with muscular endurance intervals using dumbbells and tubing. This truly motivating workout will give yourheart and muscles a workout!

If you like Big Band Music, you'll love this class. Exercise to swing music to get fit! No partner or dance experience is necessary. This is a low impact aerobics class not swing lessons. This class also works on core strength (abdominals and back) in the beginning of class.

A class designed to introduce you to STEPPING. For those interested in taking STEP classes, 1stEP is a prerequisite. Proper stepping technique and basic step patterns will be taught during this class. Offered the 1st Saturday of each month.

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No matter what your age or breed, you are going to love this class! Stepping, low impact movement and strengthening work all in one workout. 20-20-20 Stay for one workout or all three.

Fitness Yoga

A class that will help improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Please bring two towels to class. You are welcome to bring your own "sticky mat". This class is geared to beginners.


All of our aerobics classes offer hi-lo instruction allowing the participant to choose between the traditional high impact (jumping and jogging) style and a low impact style (keeping one foot on the ground at all times). Low impact does not mean low intensity, although it can be less intense, which makes it an excellent way to begin an aerobic program. Low impact is not only for the beginner, but for advancedexercisers wanting to limit stress to the body!


Get ready to "pump" it up to music! A class that combines weights and music to keep your motivation and energy level up. This hot new craze shows you how Iron workS for you! Reserve your spot up to 48 hours in advance. Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and weightlifters. If you want to tone up then this is the class for you.

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Jump Jam

It's OK to"miss", but don't miss this jumpin' new workout! A class for the beginner or advanced roper designed to help you increase hand-eye coordination, enhance agility, increase cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.

KO Cardio

"Box" your way into fitness. Jump and Jab! Kick and Punch! You've seen it on TV. Now try the Rec Center's version of Tae Bo. Try this 45 minute class just once and you'll keep coming back for more.

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© L.I.F.E. Class
A Class designed for those members wishing to learn healthy lifestyle habits in a structured setting. We provide you with at least 10 weeks full of nutritional information and a variety of supervised workouts. There is a nominal fee for this class.

Nite L.I.F.E.
Similiar to L.I.F.E. Class this is a "lite" version. Meeting one night a week you will be involved in a fun and heart healthy workout preceded by a unique approach to healthy eating for L.I.F.E. There is NO fee for this class.


A fast paced bike workout on studio cycles. The focus of the class will change each class. Steady -state training, hills, intervals, and mixing it up. We'll do it all! Call to reserve a studio cycle up to 48 hours in advance. There is a $3 no show fee if you sign-up and do not attend. Class meets in the High Court at studio cycles. Please bring a waterbottle!

The Rec Center's version of a Stairmaster workout in a class-room setting -- put to music. This class can be modified to fit all fitness levels. For the fit individual, it can offer intensityequal to running, with an impact no greater than walking.


For the busy exerciser, an abbreviated STEP workout, but no loss in intensity!

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A class focusing on improving overall flexibility and stress relief. Relax listening to soothing music while stretching to improve your range of motion and injury prevention.

Tae Kwon Do

Traditional TKD tought in an atmosphere that is fun and familiy oriented. This class is for all ages (7 and up) and all belt levels (white through black). Class is tought by Ultimate Tae Kwon Do. There is a nominal fee for this class.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is composed of soft, gentle, energizing movements that teach relaxation and centering techniques. Tai Chi is a system of exercise for balancing the body and the mind. This class is taught at the beginner level.

Training Zones
Train in your zone, train above your zone, and train in your recovery zone. Increase speed, strength, and endurance! A fitness class for runners, walkers, and everyone in between.

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