Fitness Assessments and Body Composition Analysis

(There is no charge for this service) In order for the test to be the most accurate please follow these guidelines before testing.

At the Rockwell Rec Center, you as a member have the option of having a body composition and/or a fitness assessment performed. The benefit of this is to gain a baseline fitness measurement in order to see how you progress in accordance with your exercise program. We recommend that all new members perform a fitness assessment.

The Fitness Assessment is a tool used by your Fitness Instructor to set up specific training parameters for you to follow. This may be as simple as determining your Target Heart Rate or as detailed as a program designed to help you run a personal best race time. If you are entering the initial phase of fitness then your Instructor will recommend that you re-test in 2-3 months after your first test. If you follow your program you will see dramatic improvements during this short amount of time. A retest will help your Instructor readjust your training parameters to match your improved level of fitness. It's not unusual for a person to increase their Aerobic Capacity by 10-20% and/or drop their body fat percentage by 3 or more percent during the first couple of months.

After the second fitness assessment we recommend being tested every six months. This will help keep your training parameters accurate and gives your Fitness Instructor the chance to evaluate and update your program.

If you have been working out for a while and have never had an assessment or it's been over six months, it's probably time to schedule an assessment. This may be especially helpful if you have reached a plateau or are simply in a rut during your workouts. Also there could be a chance that you have increased your aerobic capacity by so much that when you are working out you are no longer training in beneficial parameters.

Ways to analyze your Body Composition at the Rec Center: back to top

Type Explanation  
Bio Electrical Impedance This is a very non-invasive method. 4 Electrodes are placed on the clients hand and foot. Then a low level current is used that travels through the body to determine one's body fat, body lean mass, and body water. In order for the test to be the most accurate the client must be well hydrated. If one is not well hydrated this test will over estimate the body fat percentage.  
Skinfold Analysis This method uses the "pinch" test. The results are determined by measuring the clients body fat that is underneath the skin. The Instructor must measure 7 different sites on the body.  
Please wear comfortable lose fitting exercise clothes for both tests. Both types are accurate and correlate well with Hydrostatic weighing. Which is the Gold standard in body composition testing.  

You and your Instructor will determine the best method of testing in each of the following areas. back to top

Cardiovascular and Aerobic Tests: 15 minute YMCA Bike Test: during this test you ride the exercise bike for about 15 minutes pedaling the same speed while the instructor increases the resistance. You only work to about 80% of your max. effort during this test. Balke Treadmill Test: during this test you walk at 3.3 mph on a treadmill while the instructor increases the incline on the treadmill each minutes. With this test you will work to the point of your perceived maximal exertion. Takes around 15 minutes. 1 mile Walk Test: during this test you walk 1 mile around the indoor track, you need to walk as fast as possible in order for the test to be the most accurate.

1.5 mile Run Test: during this test you run 1.5 miles around the indoor track. You need to give your best effort during this test to receive an accurate aerobic capacity reading.

Muscular Flexibility Test: The Sit and Reach Test: Used to determine lower back and hamstring flexibility.      
Muscular Strength Tests: Grip Strength Test: performed by squeezing a hand held device. Determines strength of the hand, wrist and forearm. Correlates well with total body strength. Bench Press Test: performed by lifting a certain amount of your body weight off your chest. You perform either a 1 rep max. or perform 3-8 repetitions. Determines upper body strength.    
Muscular Endurance Tests: 1 Minute Sit-Up Test: perform sit-ups for 1 minute. Determines abdominal strength and endurance.

1 Minute Curl-Up Test: perform curl-ups for 1 minute. Determines abdominal strength and endurance. Use this test for individuals with low back problems. 1 Minute Push-Up Test: perform push-ups for 1 minute. Determines upper body strength and endurance.


Pretest guidelines

1. Hydration is essential for an accurate body fat analysis. Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water spread out over 24 hours prior to the test. Note: You can not hydrate by drinking all 8-10 glasses at once a couple of hours before testing.

2. It is best to abstain from large amounts of food and water 4 hours prior to testing, and necessary to abstain from all foods 2 hours before testing.

3. Do not ingest any alcohol or caffeine(coffee, caffeinated soda, Aspirin with caffeine, etc.) and refrain from SMOKING 24 hours preceeding your scheduled assessment time.

4. If you are taking any MEDICATION, prescribed over-the counter, we ask that you reschedule when you are no longer using the medication.

5. Do not exercise 12 hours prior to your assessment.

Please speak with a Fitness Instructor or e-mail us if you have any questions.

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