Rec Center Challenge Program

Total Fitness Track

This track of the Challenge Program is designed for people in all stages of fitness.

If you are looking for a program that provides accountability to achieve total fitness—with a structured choice of opportunities to personally challenge yourself throughout the year—then this is the track you should choose.



The Challenge Program’s overall mission is to assist you in meeting and maintaining your personal fitness goals by providing the following:

  • motivation that helps you develop a lifestyle that includes regular exercise
  • motivation that helps you achieve and maintain a healthy level of cardiovascular fitness and musculoskeletal strength
  • motivation through variety, fun, personal challenge—and, of course, awards for added incentive

E-Z Track

"E-Z stands for Endurance-Zone. This track of the Challenge Program is designed for people who are consistent exercisers looking for a program that promotes cross training for cardio endurance.

If you are looking for creative ways to challenge and enhance your cardiovascular Endurance Zone—then this is the challenge track for you.

Your Challenge Choices

"First Of Many" Challenge

Frequency Challenges

Personal Challenges

"10 Weeks To Wellness" Challenge

Millennium Series Challenge

New Year’s Challenge

Year-End Challenge





    • Millennium Series collectors’ awards— MMI through MMV
    • Year-End Challenge shorts
    • "First Of Many" t-shirt
    • ZAGRATA and Biathlon participant t-shirts
    • Challenge Club Member t-shirt
    • E-Z TEAM t-shirt
    • Cardio Cannibal t-shirt
    • Total Fitness Track plaque—recognizes

    "The Most" challenges done in a year

    • Jacket for "Max" Challengers

E-Z Challenges

E-Z Personal Challenges

Race Event Challenges

Mega Minute Challenges

Cardio Cannibal Challenges



Challenge Club

The ultimate goal of the Total Fitness Track is to become a Challenge Club Member by meeting the following criteria within the Challenge Year:

  • complete a minimum of 3, 8-10 week challenges

  • complete the "workout with weights" --- www.challenge

  • participate in one Event Challenge (Zagrata or Biathlon)

E-Z Team

When you sign on for the E-Z Track you are automatically on the team and "in training".

You will be a part of a unique team of individuals working toward meeting the necessary team criteria:

  • complete a designated number of Mega Minute monthly challenges
  • complete a designated number of Cardio Cannibal Challenges
  • complete a designated number of total E-Z Minutes of training for the Challenge Year
  • complete a designated number of race events

Note: Becoming an E-Z Team member can be fun and interesting—but never easy!