Are suffering from a sudden injury...
or a never ending ache and pain? may benefit from Physical Therapy.

The Rockwell Recreation Center and Progressive Rehabilitation Associates have teamed up to bring employees a world-class physical therapy clinic. Located within the Rec Center, the clinic serves the public as well as Rockwell employees. In addition to Rockwell Work Comp, Aetna, and John Deere Insurance, we file Medicare, BCBS, and most other insurances providing health care coverage.

The clinic deals mainly with outpatient orthopedic procedures, and general sports medicine - ankles, knees, backs, necks, shoulders. They handle pre- and post- surgery therapy, as well as non-surgical procedures. When a patient enters the clinic, the therapist does a thorough evaluation of the situation, looking for muscle imbalances and strains to determine the appropriate type of exercises needed to rebalance the muscle group. This evaluation is done cooperatively with the patients, taking into consideration their goals, whether that is to play a particular sport again, or simply make it around the track without any pain. "We have found that therapy is much more successful when the client is actively involved in setting the end goal," says licensed Physical Therapist Sherry Steffen. "Our focus is to prevent recurrent injuries and get the person to take control of their own fitness."

A benefit that adds to the incentive of keeping in shape is that all eligible patients receive a free one-month trial membership to the Rec Center after their treatment.