Rockwell Employees--You CAN sponsor your family members!

The Rockwell Recreation Center is a corporate facility, however, employees
may extend their benefit privileges to their relatives. We believe employees and
their family members can encourage each other to remain active.

If you are an eligible relative of a Rockwell Employee or Retiree you can be
sponsored into the Rec Center. The Rockwell Employee or Retiree does not
have to be a Rec Center member to extend their benefit to you.

Listed below are eligible categories for our Employee Sponsorship Plan. This includes "step"
and "half" relatives

Spouse Brother Aunt First Cousin
Children Brother-in-law Uncle Spouse of Cousin
Daughter Sister Niece Grandchild
Daughter-in-law Sister-in-law Spouse of Niece Spouse of Grandchild
Son Parent Nephew  
Son-in-law Parent-in-law Spouse of Nephew  

- Temps and Student Interns are eligible for membership if they are going to be with Rockwell
longer than 1 month.

In addition, Rockwell Contractors whose names appear on a published contractor list are
eligible for Recreation Center Membership. Eligible Rockwell Contractors can sponsor their
spouse and children ages 12-23.

*If you have a Rockwell Badge you are often eligible for membership. If you
are uncertain, ask your employeer or call us at 295-2552.